stand over the edge
tipped forward
as far as you dare
eyes closed
smell it billowing up
cool and musty
rotten earth
it’s a chill that wraps around
and goes bone deep
in the nicest way
a sort of arctic caress
that is just right
for curing
that feverish ache
that sometimes comes with living
you’ll feel lighter somehow
your burdens won’t feel so heavy
try running
try dancing
try jumping for joy
see how much easier?
you should appreciate
these glimpses forward
when the time comes
you won’t be afraid to leap


One thought on “Jump

  1. Thank you, dear Courtney, for putting our common human experience into such evocative language. And for reminding us, in your “Instructions For Grief” that that kind of pain only comes to some who is “very much alive.” Alive is good.

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