listen with your animal ears
let go of words
they don’t know how
to speak the truth

open your animal eyes
see with them
the things your man eyes
are blind to

feel with your animal heart
you will find love
and hate
are the same

to find truth
let go of being a man
be animal you
and you will find


For J

Little Man

you have a lot

of growing up to do

the temper flares

are ugly


I picture you stomping your foot

like a baby

it would be funny

if I wasn’t so frightened


that glare you gave through the dark

when you saw another man

with his arm around me

reminded me why leaving you

was the right thing to do


Little Man

loving does not mean

squeezing tight

loving means

letting go



What I Know

in the dark
with the window open
I can smell the leaves
rotting on the forest floor
a crisp cool
washes over my face

in the silence
I hear you best
your soft snores
your heart beat
your breathing

you are saying
“I am here.”

when I curl into you
you know I want
your arms around me
without waking
you pull me close

“mmmmmm” means
“I love you.”


you are so still
it goes deep, too
all the way in
and it frightens me
the chaos in my spirit
the constant murmuring
clamors to fill up the empty
I purse my lips and will myself to listen
you are telling me something
I can almost hear it
my spirit trembles
a panic
you smile and something snaps
way inside
and the silence
and still
becomes a warm and friendly thing
you put your arms around me
and I can breathe again

A story

let me be a chapter in your story
let us be companions for a time
lovers, even

let’s not hide anything in the shadows
I know the light can be harsh
but open your eyes
and really look
you have been missing
true beauty

I won’t lie
even if you beg
I never learned how
it may make me seem simple
but it is such a lovely way to live
especially when it hurts

you will lie to me
I know
you have already begun telling it
I won’t judge
part of being honest
is forgiving
and loving anyway

Far Away

putting pen to paper
I’m a little bit amazed myself
the words seem to come from someplace
I have certainly never been there

It’s a little like being possessed
a little like being in a trance
maybe it is me that is doing the possessing?
maybe the only thing real is the words
and I am just a means
to an end

at least I can say
I have a purpose
these words carry me forward
I see a little deeper
every day
if I am lucky
I will know the whole of me