A Round On Me

you want more

more words

I should keep the tap flowing

so your cup will never go empty

and you can gulp me down

every drop

I get thirsty, too

sometimes I would like to sit

and knock a few back

I could shout

“more!  more!”

and slosh your soul

all over the floor


here is a sip

it will have to do for now


One thought on “A Round On Me

  1. *smile*

    Not wanting to hear you’ve
    done “a perish” &
    mindful of your moderation –
    that delicate balance that few see
    and even fewer appreciate –
    I make reply with a
    teaspoon of metaphor
    eyedroppered into this vial poem
    and sent with virginal carrier pigeon
    cross oceans, deserts, mountains
    & clumsey neighbours to rest
    in your eyes and ears just long enough
    to smile.

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