Spit It out

write words that terrify you

put them all out

all the dark and lonely bits


speak the whispers

let them slip out

shivery and wet


once they are out

and the light is shining on them real good

you can laugh a little


those deep

and secret bits

look kind of funny

in the light of day






which of us is perfect?

you came to me with your head hanging down

“I’m broken.  See what I have done?”

you held out your hand

and I saw the scars

old burns tight and knobby

the tick tick tick of stitches

one after the other

but you were speaking of bigger sins


you were sure

I would fling you away

but I have secrets too

when I look you over

I like what I see

your broken bits

fit just so

with mine


“I am broken, too.  See my shame?”

I get down on my knees

so I can look up

into your eyes

“We can be broken together.”


You look shinier already



A Promise

If I promised you

to wait

until all the leaves are off the tree

until the frost is on the ground

if I promised you

to wait

until you are certain

autumn is over

and winter is howling in

on the next cloud

If I promised to wait

just long enough for you

to say goodbye

then I would never leave

so I will not promise

you know this cold

hurts my bones

I will go

when I feel the ache

set in again

my love

is bigger than all the miles

between us

I will go

and sing I love you

into the warm winds

and you will hear my whispers

on the summer breeze

Illustration (For Those Who Wondered)

It starts out tiny like

a bare whisper

which is a terrible thing

because sometimes you don’t quite hear it

until it’s nearly a roar

a rolling rumbling


the sensation inside is like

a squeezing

a gripping

in your belly

and it sort of creeps upwards

from there

until your whole insides

are too tight

you choke on your breath

and can’t even swallow your food

it’s a little bit of sadness

a lot of fear

and even more nothing

and the nothing

is the scariest part