mommy girl

sweet honey baby

pink and tender

with your fluffy golden hair

and spindly frog legs

I find you so delectable

so very delicious

in those big baby eyes

I see fire

and oh I adore your grit

Do you know I hear you?

Do you know I see you?

I will tell you

every day

until you know it in your bones

my strong


beautiful girl



Sweet Baby James

little boy

my baby one

my first and only son

I see your heart break

and my heart breaks bigger

I love every bit of you

every stubborn



I’m sorry

if you think I hate

the part of you that’s him

and it’s a very big part

isn’t it?

my love

I don’t

and you be angry at me

if you need to

you can even hate me

if it saves you

from even a speck of pain

I hope someday

you will see

how big my love is

baby baby baby boy

peace to you forever

Middle Road

take the middle road

this good and evil business

it’s a myth

you be too good

the bad will get you

you be too bad

the good will fly away

they both all tied up together

you got to learn

to walk the middle road

you won’t get lost that way


little birdy



hazel bright eyes

beaming curiosity at the world

scrawny bird legs

carry you about

your very



downy blond fuzz

fluffed like a cockatoos crest

oh my baby birdy!

don’t ever fly away