it comes around again

that deep and foggy ache

a tug that starts

at the top of my head

and ends in the knot in my belly

sadness bubbles up

from my throat

and drips from the corner of my mouth

no smile here

no laughter here

I have not forgotten that life and death

go hand in hand

sitting in the dark

I dwell within it

it tolerates me

it carries me along

I am not brave enough to call it friend


Turn Around Again

slowly emerging

shaking off the muffled grim

of too tight

the wrapping

that I couldn’t breathe through

when that cool



hit my lungs

I knew it was true

slipping down over

breasts and hips

a final kick of the foot

a gentle good riddance

to all that hoping and

that ugly yearning

I have so much to give!

you were so careful

you picked and chose

until all that love I had

turned sour

and now

I feel like running