Just So

this smile
my laughter
the curious way in which I see the world

you may not own it

if I gave the wrong impression
I beg pardon
I am not long on this earth
and I fumble with the social graces

my love is free
please be gentle when you take it
and return it
not TOO badly shaken

if you cannot do this
do not partake of me



in all the places we could have met
we somehow bumped shoulders here
you smiled
assured of my strength
in fact you named me so
even said the words aloud!
the fragility of my ego
tucked safely from view
the rouge and powder
a haven

when the lights go out
and the car pulls out of the drive
it’s all I have left for company
I sweep the floor
I feed the birds
I fold the laundry
the rouge
and powder
rub off

if I am strong
it is because I crumble
the walls
are only so high
I treasure the ones
who pick through the rubble
to sit with me awhile

coming or going
in the sun or in the dark
the baby cries
the potted plants grow
the bricks
fall down
around me

and you
are driving home
with the lights on