all the world is a beauty

all my heart is mine to give

and I will cut it out of me

and share it

I will serve it up while I dance

you will devour it

and proclaim it stringy

and leave too much on the plate

as you look for more succulent fare

all the world is a beauty

all the world

is a beauty

and my heart is mine to give

I dance

I dance

I dance




hope is an uneasy

friend to me

we walk side by side

but never hold hands


we have a grand time

a stomping strutting gleaming time

a champagne and caviar time

a never go to bed time

I feel a little bit golden then

but when it gets brittle

it cracks

and when it’s dark

the lights from the city

wont sparkle

I remember hope

has no love for me

so I take my restless friend to bed

I wait out the lonely

and I am

while hope rests



in the great play of life

i am scenery

a shrub in the background

with maybe a little bird on it

and I’ve been in too many scenes

my paint is chipping

my bird is faded


after the next production

or the next

I will be chopped up

and burned

in the little stove

that the cheap chorus girls

dress in front of