Grand Finale

when the end comes

take my name out

of your mouth

don’t hold my memory fondly

but scrub it from your brain

and your sheets

don’t let my scent

linger on your pillow

I will not be put up on a shelf

to be brought down

and tenderly observed

from time

to time

pull me down

and smash me to bits

hate me

wound me

dispose of me

forget me




Good Girl

Don’t be mad anymore

I’ll be so good

I’ll dance for you

I’ll smile for you

I’ll eat your pain for you

I’m so ugly

I know

I’m so stupid

I know

I’m so awkward

I know

I’ll play for you

I’ll fly for you

I’ll eat your pain for you

I’ll be so good you’ll forget

my name

what I look like

who I am

I’ll be so good

so good

so good

When I Was Small


I smell


the leaves

green and cool

mossy sweet

a breeze

the sun

a haze

a place to be

a reckoning

a home

the hill

the creek

squatting down


in mist

another place

a world away

cold stone

on feet



my world

a symphony

sound and feel

my woods

my home

my free


Spring Beauties

I go back to those days

when you were the small one

when “the creek” fed through our hearts

and Spring Beauties blossomed

just for us

red clay feet and knotted hair

chestnut and gold

a tangle of imagination

long olden days

long golden days

how did they get away?

you loved me then

without knowing my shame

you had baby eyes

you belonged to me

and I was yours, too

now I would follow you anywhere

but your baby eyes fell out

and you flew away to California

“the creek” still runs

my heart burnt up

my heart burnt up and smoked the oaks

ashes kiss the May Apples

Spring Beauties

will always bloom

just for us